Friday, May 18, 2018

Hi gang, 

My new series Out for Justice series include a unit known only as Phoenix. 

Phoenix is an elite unit of top operatives (from all walks of life) that are brought in when cases get messy and/or law enforcement needs plausible deniability. Basically, Phoenix takes care of the scum of the earth that law enforcement can't due to red tape. 
Phoenix specializes in tactical warfare, weaponry, hand to hand combat, and sophisticated technology. The unit is not widely talked about. Only high level government officials and a few individual government agencies such as the (FBI, US Marshals and Sheriffs) know of the teams existence. There is a collective sigh of relief when these entities can call on the unit to assist. 
Phoenix is a team of badass operatives who serve and protect the innocent all the while hunting down bad guys. You will learn about the teams existence in book one and meet some of its members as they save one of their own.You will see the team come together in book two as they hunt for a madman. Book three reintroduces a missing brother-in-arms and new team members. 
Each book can be read as a stand alone. 
This badass Our for Justice series has the potential for several books.

Thank you for reading and I'll keep you posted on the release date for Book One Mac and Noah's story.