Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Out for Justice list of Characters


*I'll keep a running list of characters after each book is released. I will not be putting any new information regarding upcoming books and characters to avoid spoilers! I hope this helps! Now you get to see a few of the characters rattling around in my brain LOL And I mean just a few, because I have tons more! Enjoy


List of Characters – Out for Justice Series

Alex – Code name Fear – Joins Phoenix
Allison Dupont – Phoenix Operative – Code name Momma Bear
Asher Grayson – Phoenix operative code name Frost
Aunt Leslie – Mac Mackenzie’s aunt
Austin Grayson – Adopted son of Tennessee and Marianne Grayson

Becca Quintana – Married to Kane Quintana, long time friend of Mac Mackenzie
Belton Gibson – Bad guy – Brother of Vladamir. Son of Yakov. Grandson of Gustav
Ben Heins - Bad guy- Mac Mackenzie's ex boyfriend
Betty Mae Lincoln – witness, Stefano’s assistant 

Camren Anderson - Bad guy - US Marshal leak
Carl Denning - Dr. at compound, retired FBI agent
Chase – Roscoe’s nephew 
Clair Holt - US Marshal

Fear –  ex military, private contractor for hire jobs
Finnegan O'Leary - Bad guy - Seth's dad
Forest Taylor – FBI Agent

Giovanni Rossi – Chief of Phoenix, father to Noah, Uncle to Seth
Gunner Simpson - Lawyer
Gustov Lakhonin - Lakhonin family patriarch

Havoc - Noah's dog, a gift from Mac.

Jacob – Roscoe’s nephew age
Jagger Miller – AKA Wyatt Jagger Hughes - occupation Unknown
Jake Coleman – US Marshal 
Jenny Myers– Noah’s best friend when young – (Deceased)
Jordan – Save Seth, was saved by Seth, is now staying with Phoenix
Junior Manning – Terrance Manning’s son, Killed by Rossi (Deceased)

Kane Quintana – FBI Director - Married to Becca Quintana best friend to Mac Mackenzie. 

Lash – Phoenix operative
Leroy Conrad - US Marshal
Logan Cobalt –Head of Cobalt Security

Mac Mackenzie – US Marshal
Marco Jennings - Bad guy, works for Yakov
Marianne Grayson – Wife to Tennessee Grayson
Megan – Roscoe’s niece
Mez - Leonid Medved – bad guy
Mia Brandenburg - Noah's mother (Deceased)
Micah – Phoenix operative - Code name Lash

Noah Mackenzie – Phoenix operative, code name Ghost


Page Larson - US Marshal -Ventura Office


Reggie – Phoenix Tech and driver 
Ricky Stevenson – Bad guy – Noah’s Stepfather
Roscoe Burns – FBI agent
Rush – Phoenix operative, the medic

Seth O'Leary– Phoenix operative, code name Reboot Hell
Scott Buller – Deputy US Marshal 
Stanley Starr - Bad guy
Stefano Esposito – Commander of Phoenix
Sterling Fisk - US Marshal - Ventura Office
Storm – Phoenix operative, code name, Sniper. 

Tennessee Grayson – father to Asher Grayson, adopted father to Austin Grayson
Terrance Manning – Bad guy – Kidnapped Noah, Brother to Viktor and Yakov Lakhonin. Son         to Gustov Lakhonin. Father to Junior
Tish Burns – Roscoe’s little sister.

Viktor Lakhonin – Bad guy – Brother to Terrance Manning and Yakov Lakhonin. Son to Gustav. 
Vladimir Lakhonin – Bad guy – Son of Yakov. Grandson of Gustav

Wild – Micah Robertson, Phoenix operative, aka the tracker
Yakov Lakhonin – Bad guy – Brother to Manning & Viktor, Father to Vladimir and Belton Gibson, Son of Gustav

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RAMPAGE BY Reese Knightley (A Fan Made Video)


Hi guys!
Sorry I haven't updated my blog in a looooong time LOL

So Rampage is set to release in a few hours. I'm also working on a Cast of Characters for the books that I'll post here. So stay tune for that!

Book 4 is almost finished, I'm just tweaking the final for my editor.

So if you haven't read my first two books? Get cracking!