Friday, December 29, 2017

Happy December. Wow, this month sure flew by. Here is another blurb from my current novel. 
"Not yet titled" by Reese Knightley (c) 2017
(Not yet edited or grammar checked lol)
The man struggled against the zip-ties around his wrists and ankles. Hands tied behind his back, the thief flopped and roll around on his belly until Noah shoved the man over with his boot. “I won’t ask again. Who. Are. You.”
“Ben! My name is Ben Heins and my boyfriend lives here,” The man spat.
One side of Noah’s mouth tipped. “If you’re this guy’s boyfriend, why were you searching through his house in the dark with a flash light?”
“Um… I didn’t want to turn on the lights because I wanted to surprise him.” 
“Surprise him with what?” Noah looked around. While waiting for the guy to wake up, Noah had turned on a few lights in the house. “There’s no dinner cooking, no sex toys lined up, no movie picked out. Just exactly what were you trying to surprise him with?”
“Screw you! That’s my picture on the mantel.” Ben snarled rolling around. 
Noah stood and walked over to the mantle. Just as Ben said, there was a picture of Mac and Ben in military uniforms. Ben looked fresh in a new military uniform as if just recruited and Mac looked like he was on his way out. Noah knew a bit of their story. The man on the floor had been a selfish superficial prick and had deserted Mac when he’d needed the guy the most. Mac had finally told him the story on one of their trips to the beach. Other pictures lined the mantel, one of a young girl standing near Mac, she looked a bit like him. What Noah hadn’t expected was to see his own face in a picture with Mac. The picture sat in a silver frame and was one that had been taken during a trip to the lake.  When Mac had tried coaxing him to swim, he’d confessed he didn’t know how. Mac had patiently spent a few hours teaching him how to float. A family had happened upon them and Mac asked the woman to take their picture. They were shirtless, in soaked shorts and wet hair plastered to their heads, smiles wide and big, and Mac had slung an arm around his shoulders. Noah had thought the man hung the fucking moon. That was a long time ago. 
“See?! I’m telling the truth, now let me go.” 
Pulled away from the photo Noah turned and advanced on the man. 
“Rule number one, no lying,” Noah said. “I think you’re a thief.”
Several screams later, some garbled pleading words and Noah wiped the bloody end of his knife clean on his pants. 
“Who… who the f f fuck are you,” the man panted whimpering.
Beneath the cover of the black hood Noah met the man’s eyes. “I’m your worse fucking nightmare if you don’t start talking. Now, tell me who the leak is at the US Marshall’s office.”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Ben swallowed.
“That’s funny…because you have his picture on your phone and I want a name.” Perhaps the guy didn’t know the man on his phone was a traitor so Noah gave him the benefit of the doubt. “Were you in on it?”
Ben shook his head frantically. “Fuck you!”
“That doesn’t answer my question.”
“I’m not telling you shit and Conrad will kill you if you cut me anymore!”
“Well then, let’s give Conrad a reason.” Noah smirked and lifted the knife, having used it just enough to terrify the fucker and the man screamed.