Friday, March 16, 2018

Time flies and I realized I hadn't posted for February. I have an update on the book. It has gone through the BETA process. Thank you to all my fabulous BETAs you rock. It has gone through the proofreading process. A big thank you to my proofreader for finding all my pesky grammar and punctuation errors. I am forever grateful. 

Currently Mac and Noah's story is with my editor as of yesterday. Once she is done, I'll get it back for rewrites and etc. I'll need one more proof read after that and then it'll be off to the formatter. Eeek 

I have found a title for the book, but I'm keeping it hush hush. I also have a beautiful and sexy cover created by an amazing artist. Without further ado, here is a blurb from Mac and Noah's story. 

Mac took a chair, and Jake sat on the sofa. Master Mumbai sat in a chair across from them. 
“I’m US Marshal McKenzie, and this is US Marshal Coleman.”
The man folded his hands in his lap and nodded, smiling pleasantly at them. “How can I help you, Marshals?” Mumbai asked. 
“We’re here about a student of yours, a Noah Bradford. He would have been here about five, maybe five and a half years ago,” Mac said.
The man’s smile broadened. “Of course, I remember Noah. Is he in some kind of trouble?”
“Not that we know of.” Mac narrowed his eyes. “What can you tell me about him?”
Mumbai smiled, and this time, it wasn’t the polite smile the man probably reserved for his clients. This time it was a genuine smile that Mac thought the man didn’t give too often. 
“Noah was one of my best,” the instructor said. 
Mac watched Mumbai curious about the man’s reaction and Jake scooted to the edge of the sofa.
“What do you mean by, one of your best?” Jake prodded.
The instructor’s head bobbed in a continuous nod. “Noah was smart. and I don’t mean above average smart. He had an intelligence I rarely see. His attention to detail was impeccable. It was important for him to be perfect at the art.”
It sounded like Noah’s obsession with perfectionism served him well in martial arts. 
“And was he, perfect?” Mac asked.

“Very much so, Marshal.” Mumbai nodded rapidly.